Lightweight Desktop Robotic Arm Suitable for Rich Light-load Application Use

DOBOT MG400 is Adaptable for Small
Batch Production

DOBOT MG400 is Adaptable for Small Batch Production

DOBOT MG400 is a lightweight, space-saving desktop robotic arm suitable for diversified manufacturing needs. It is flexible to deploy and easy to use, perfect for small space applications. MG400 4-axis robotic arm is a good fit for automated workbench scenarios in tight workspaces that require fast deployment and changeover.

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Space Saving, Light and Small

With the footprint dimension of 190mm × 190mm, MG400 can fit in any production environment smaller than one piece of A4 paper and free up more space in the plant for production. It is the perfect fit for repeating lightweight tasks in tight workspaces.

Simplicity Means Productivity

Simplicity is integrated into a robot’s dimension. The robotic arm’s elegant design is a solid foundation for easy robotics development. MG400 emulates human actions using a hand-guided teaching pendant. Our technicians made it easy for you; drag and move it to gain knowledge.

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Great Boost to Automation

By replacing the highly repetitive and standardized procedures, MG400 optimizes desktop human-collaborative work and helps businesses cut costs. All these measures boost efficiency and quality.

Rich Programming Choice

MG400 offers a wide selection of programming options, including trajectory reproduction, graphical programming, and Lua script programming. An intuitive programming interface and a guided-interactive design lower the barriers to robot applications.

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Applications Across Industries

Dobot provides high-quality products and fast set-up features in diverse product lines.

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