Magician Go

Mobile Platform for Magician Lite

Magician Go

Magician Go Mobile Platform

Innovative Learning of Logistics with DOBOT Magician Go Automatic Platform

The Magician Go is a mobile platform that can be combined with a Magician Lite to enable mobility to the robotic arm. It has two AI powered cameras, located at the front of the chassis and attached to the tip of the robotic arm, to allow for more application scenarios.

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Omnidirectional Mobility

The Magician Go is fitted with mecanum wheels to allow for sideways, diagonal, and rotational movements without steering the wheels, making operations in tight space possible.

Smart Navigation

The Magician Go has a built-in odometer for real-time position data transmission. With synthetic dynamic environment simulation, users can easily monitor the robot’s movement and plan travel paths.

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Autonomous Driving with AI

Locally deployed AI algorithm performs image, text and facial recognition without network connection to enable road recognition, street sign detection, pedestrian detection, and robotic arm operation while driving.

Complete Package of Accessories

The Magician Go works with the DobotLab software to create custom programs using Python and graphical programming. Various hardware modules can work together to perform customized tasks.

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Applications Across Industries

Dobot provides high-quality products and fast set-up features in diverse product lines.

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