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Techy Mechatronics & Supply Ltd., Part. has been found in the year 2005.

We are the team of experienced engineer who be infatuated with Automation Machine and Robotics solution.

We love to do our best and know exactly what customers need.


You, as a manufacturer and business owner, are uncertain about putting automation machines and robotic arms to work in your factory because you might think it’s still too costly and too complicated to put robots in your production line.

However, business growth is your ultimate desire. You’re always seeking tools and solutions to transform your organization.

Automation machines and robotic arms are powerful tools for transformation.

We are Techy. For more than 16 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of people, manufacturers, and businesses, to solve their production challenges.
We can provide creative purpose-built solutions to meet their requirements and help them achieve their business objectives by integrating automation machines and robotics arms to be a part of their production.

Many have built successful transformations. Higher productivity, lower production cost, happier employees, and ultimately higher profit as a result.

How we can help you

We free human hands from repetitive tasks, reduce the risk of injuries, speed up your manufacturing process, at a very reasonable cost. So you can focus on the most important aspects of your business.

Our tools and know-how simplify automation systems and collaborative robot applications, so your factories can start production faster, safer, more precise, and cost-effective for higher productivity.


CMM : Keyence XM Series, Measuring Accuracy.

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A little more about us

We are a team of experienced engineers who are infatuated with automation machines and robotics solutions, founded in 2005.

We love technology that will bring us into the future as AI, programming, and robots. We constantly look forward to a world of opportunities!

Respect, honesty, integrity, and responsibility are our roots in running a business.
We strive to respect all our commitments towards ourselves, our employees, our clients, and our partners.

We handle challenges with a positive attitude.
We solve complex problems with creative yet simplified solutions and those solutions must have a direct impact on our client’s competitiveness.

Our collaboration, determination, and team spirit are the reasons for our success as a business.

We are the one-stop automation machine and robotic arm solutions provider,
for your business revolution.

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