Frequently Asked

All Dobot products come with ready-to-use software without needing additional software.

Yes. All Dobot products are compatible with Arduino.

Educational-Grade Dobot Products

Magician Basic Plan is equipped with available tools as follows:
• 3D Printer
• Pen Holder
• Vacuum Suction Cup
• Gripper

Magician Advance Plan is equipped with available tools as follows:• 3D Printer
• Pen Holder
• Vacuum Suction Cup
• Gripper
• Laser

Industrial-Grade Dobot Products

Dobot’s products in industrial-grade models do not include end-of-arm tools for all models except
MG-400 (Magician Pro) is equipped with available tools as follows:
• Vacuum Suction Cup
• J4 Flange

For M1 Pro, you can purchase additional tools for the M1 Pro as follows.
• Air pump
• Vacuum suction Cup
• Gripper
As for other Dobot products such as CR3, CR5, CR10, CR16, SA3-400, and SA6-600, do not include end-of-arm tools.

Dobot’s products are divided into two main categories: for education and for the industry.

But it is found that many factories use Dobot Magician (educational-grade) products in industrial and production lines. Some have been in use for three years with total efficiency.

We organize on-site training for all customers who buy Dobot products from us.

We have spare parts for all Dobot models, but only the Magician and M1 models are in stock.

As for other models, the company is in the process of supplying them ready in stock.

We can deliver the following Dobot products immediately after payment
• Magician Basic Plan
• Magician Advance Plan
• MG-400

As for other Dobot products, it will take approximately 15-45 days to deliver.

All Dobot products come with a 1-year warranty.

If you experience any problems, you can send the products back to us or contact our service team to inspect them on-site.

All Dobot products are designed and manufactured from high-quality materials with low maintenance requirements.

If you encounter problems, please consult our service team.

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