Basic AI Kit for Magician

Entry-level Learning Kit for Artificial Intelligence

Basic AI Kit for Magician

Creating Robust Interactive Learning Environment for Students

As an entry-level learning suite for AI, Basic AI Kit for DOBOT Magician features Arduino Mega 2560 control board, LED indicator, joystick, switch button, and voice and visual recognition modules. We provide plentiful courses to help students handle the robot arm via programming and easily get the basic knowledge of AI, thus cultivating their innovative thinking and developing a creative robotic culture.

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Explore Machine Intelligence via Human-machine Interaction

Abundant electronic modules include a programmable control board, various sensors, voice, and visual recognition. Control the lights and DOBOT Magician by button, joystick, and voice recognition to help students explore artificial intelligence in every aspect.

Smart Play Technology in Open Source Electronic Platform

Compatible with Mixly, Arduino-related peripheral sensors, and others, Open Source Electronic Platform supports secondary development controlled by Arduino. The innovative technologies inspire students in the open-source software and hardware platform to create independent projects and gain new knowledge in programming.

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Becoming a Creative Problem-Solver in Engineering

Building a Dobot remote controller using programming can turn students’ creative ideas into reality and help them learn circuits and programming at the same time.

Applications Across Industries

Dobot provides high-quality products and fast set-up features in diverse product lines.

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