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Learn through Play

Learn the basics of AI the fun and creative way
DOBOT AI Teaching Kit allows educators and students to set up a real life-based AI solution within minutes. Combining Magician Lite with this kit, students can experience real-world AI scenarios, engage in a series of hands-on activities and be inspired to prototype their own AI solutions. The kit also provides step-by-step tutorials online to help beginners start building right off the bat.

Teach Robots to "See"

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) | Warehouse Entry

The warehouse entry system uses OCR technology to identify the characters on the goods and the robotic arm to place the goods on the according shelf.

OCR is widely used for automation and optimizing business processes. Originated in scanning printed, text-heavy books, OCR now is capable of reading texts as varied as license plates, advertisements, and road signs.

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Image Recognition

Automated Garbage Classification

The automated garbage classification system uses speech recognition to recognize voice commands, image recognition to identify different types of garbage, and the robotic arm to put the garbage in the according bin.

As a subset of AI, image recognition is widely used in a wide array of settings like your phone detecting faces to take better pictures and Facebook auto-detecting your friends.

Automated Restocking

The automated restocking system uses image segmentation to segment the goods in the picture, image recognition to identify different types of goods, and the robotic arm to put the goods on the according shelf.

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Teach Robots to "Understand"

Speech Recognition | Smart Shopping

The smart shopping system uses speech recognition to identify the customer’s order, the robotic arm to pick up the order, and face recognition to pay.

Speech recognition technologies such as Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant and Siri are changing the way people interact with their devices, homes, cars, and jobs.

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Face Recognition | Smart Shopping

Face recognition technology has countless applications in consumer markets, as well as the security and surveillance industries.

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