Dobot M1 Specifications

Reach400 mm
Payload1.5 kg
Maximum magnitude :
TypeMechanical limitationSoftware limitation
Rear arm-90°- 90°-85°- 85°
Forearm-140°-140°-135°- 135°
Z-axis screw0mm- 250mm10mm- 235mm
End-effector rotationunlimited-360°- 360°
Maximum speed :
Joint speed of Forearm and Rear Arm180°/s
Resultant speed of the Forearm and Rear Arm2000 mm/s
Speed of Zaxis1000 mm/s
Repeatability :0.02 mm
Collaborative function :support sensor-free collision detection and teaching and playback
Input Requirements of Power Adapter :100 -240 V, 50/60 Hz
Communication interface :Ethernet, RS-232C
I/O :22 digital outputs, 24 digital inputs, 6 ADC inputs
Software :M1 Studio
System :Linux