DOBOT CR Collaborative Robot Series

Dpbpt CR Series

Dobot CR Series: CR3 , CR5, CR10, CR16

Support payloads of 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 16kg
Safe to work alongside, and cost-effective
Hand guidance, collision detection and trajectory reproduction
Ideal for appilcation scenarios that entail human-robot collaboration

Easy to Use

Intuitive Interface Easy to Operate

Inherently Safe

Collision Free Obstacle Avoidance


Fast Setup One Step Ahead


Lasting Durability Less Power Consumption

Multiple Control Methods

Low latency & high noise immunity
Support controls on Android, iOS and Windows
High performance network card with transmission up to 433Mbps

End of Arm
Intelligent Interactive Panel
Robot Hand Guidance

Intelligent Interactive Panel is embedded with LEDs, indicating the status of the robot
One touch of the button enables you to drag and move the robot to teach it a specific path

Out-of-Box Experience
20 Minutes' Setup
1 Hour to Put into Application

Compact design, simple wiring
Flexible deployment and time-saver

Wide Compatability

Wide compatibility with a wide array of peripheral components Suitable for feeding, assembly, inspection, handling, screwdriving, sanding, and gluing Multiple I/O and communication interfaces unlock unlimited expansion possibilities The addition of software/API constitutes a DOBOT open platform where a greater collection of accessories are compatible

Dobot SafeSkin

Wearable collision detection solution tailored by DOBOT for collaborative robots Feature large area coverage, 15cm intrusion detection range, fast response and anti-interference Adopt the Middle Section Collision Detection Technology Ensure high efficiency production while providing cobots with non-contact proximity sensing and collision prevention

Pre Section Collision Detection Technology

No prior warning and speed reduction needed Able to intervene in what the robot is doing to avoid injuries or damages Reduce collision damage by 90% for medium and low-speed operation Ensure safe industrial production in a highly efficient manner

Control Software for CR Cobot Series